US and European indices rise


US and European indices rise and oil rebounds after yesterday’s decline

Western European stock markets ended their trading on Tuesday positively

Evest follows market developments in the following report



A collective rise in European indices

Oil rises after yesterday’s decline

US indices are trading in the positive Zone



A collective rise in European indices

The composite index of the largest companies in the Stoxx Europe 600 region rose by 1.22%
at the end of the session and stood at 438.97 points

The German DAX and French CAC 40 indies rose by 1.6% and 1.3% respectively
Britain’s FTSE 100 rose by 0.7%, Italy’s FTSE MIB rose by 1.1%, and Spain’s IBEX 35 rose by 1.5%

The economies of the eurozone’s 19 countries expanded by 0.3% in the first quarter compared with the previous quarter
according to revised data from the EU Statistics Office

Analysts expected the revision to fall by an average of 0.2%, according to Trading Economics

Annually, the eurozone’s gross domestic product from January to March rose by 5.1%, not by 5%
as previously reported
Experts did not expect this index to be reviewed

The previous day

the European Commission lowered its forecast for GDP growth in the eurozone
for 2022 to 2.7% from 4% in February
The GDP growth forecast for 2023 was lowered to 2.3% from 2.7%

In the meantime, the UK’s unemployment rate, calculated according to the ILO methodology
fell to 3.7% from January to March, the lowest level since December 1974
according to data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS)

Unemployment was 3.8% between December 2021 and February 2022
Economists surveyed by WSJ did not expect the index to change

Italy’s trade deficit in March was € 2022 84 million, compared with a surplus of € 5.19 billion in March
last year as imported energy prices increased sharply

On Tuesday

the National Institute of Statistics (Istat) said Italy’s imports of goods
and services jumped 38.8% to a record 56.4 billion euros
Exports increased by 22.9% to 56.3 billion euros, also the highest in history

Ecommerce platform InPost S.A. topped the increase in components of the Stoxx Europe 600 index, by 8.2%

Sinch AB cloud technology provider securities were at the forefront of the fall in the pan-European index, which lost 3.7% in price





Oil rises after yesterday’s decline

Oil prices show a moderate rise on Wednesday morning after falling the previous day
as a result of the prospect of increased fuel supplies from Venezuela

The price of July Brent oil futures on the London Stock Exchange Futures was $112.37 per barrel on Wednesday
$0.44 (0.39%) higher than the closing price of the previous session
As a result of Tuesday’s trading, these futures fell by $2.31 (2%) to $111.93 per barrel

The price of oil futures for June in electronic trading on the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX)
was $113.29 per barrel by this time, $0.89 (0.79%) more than the final value of the previous cycle

The day before

and the price of the futures fell by $1.8 (1.6%) to $112.40 per barrel

The media reported that the US authorities had eased some sanctions imposed on Venezuela
hoping to resume negotiations between the opposition and Nicolás Maduro’s government

In particular, The Associated Press, citing sources in Washington, wrote that oil and gas giant Chevron Corp
had a chance to start negotiations with Venezuela’s PDVSA to renew the license
although it still does not have the capacity to produce or export oil from the country

Venezuelan Vice President Delcy Rodriguez said that the United States has abandoned
restrictive actions that prevented American and European oil companies from operating on Venezuelan soil
She expects that, following this decision
Washington will begin to move “towards the complete abolition of illegal sanctions against all our people

In the meantime, the American Petroleum Institute (API) reported on Tuesday night to Wednesday
that US oil inventories fell by 2.45 million barrels last week instead of an increase of 1.53 million barrels expected by analysts

The Energy Information Administration (EIA) will release official inventory data today, Wednesday
Analysts surveyed by Trading Economics expect the report to indicate
that oil inventories for the week ending May 13 increased by 1.38 million barrels
as well as gasoline inventories fell by 1.33 million barrels





US indices are trading in the positive Zone

US stock indices rose on Tuesday on positive statistics showing that the US economy remains
resilient despite the significant tightening of monetary policy by the Fed

The Dow Jones Industrial Index rose by 431.17 points (1.34%) as the market closed Tuesday, to 32654.59
Standard & Poor’s 500 rose by 80.84 points (2.02%) to 4088.85 points
The Nasdaq Composite Index rose by 321.73 points (2.76%) to 11984.52

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said during the Wall Street Journal’s Future
Everything Festival event that the US central bank has the tools and design to ease inflation in the United States
which has reached 40-year highs

“We need to see inflation decline in a convincing way
Until we see that, we’ll keep moving forward,” Powell said

In the meantime

the Fed chairman hoped the central bank would be able to raise the rate
and deal with inflation without triggering a recession in the US economy

Statistics released on Tuesday showed a slightly lower-than-expected increase in US retail sales in April
The country’s Ministry of Commerce said the index rose 0.9% compared to the previous month
Analysts surveyed by Bloomberg had predicted an average growth of 1%. In the meantime
March data has been amended by a significant increase

Retail sales jumped 1.4%, not 0.5%, as previously announced

The US industrial output growth rate in April more than doubled market expectations
The Federal Reserve said it rose by 1.1% from the previous month
Experts predicted an increase of an average of 0.5%