Oil reduces losses.. Variation in Wall Street


Oil reduces losses.. Variation in Wall Street

Oil reduces losses.. Variation in Wall Street: Announcement of corporate results began.

This is the most influential thing in stock markets.

However, the suspension of Johnson & Johnson vaccine use had a significant impact.


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Oil is rising supported by declining US crude inventories

Today, oil prices continued to rise, backed by a sharp decline in US oil inventories,
as well as a better estimate of commodity demand growth this year
by the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC).


The price of North Sea oil mix Brent for June delivery was $ 64.12 a barrel,
by an increase of 45 cents from the previous trading session.


The price of US light oil for May delivery reached $ 60.64 a barrel,
by an increase of 46 cents compared to the previous trading session.


The mood in markets was supported by the latest monthly report of OPEC,
as OPEC + raised their estimates for oil demand in 2021, with an estimate that global economic recovery will continue.


The organization stated that demand for oil will increase by 5.95 million barrels a day this year.

Compared to previous appreciation a month ago, this represents an increase of 70,000 barrels a day.


The organization estimates that world crude oil inventories may decline,
despite the fact that more OPEC crude oil is expected to enter the market by 2 million barrels a day.

American Petroleum Institute (API)

Oil prices were supported by information from American Petroleum Institute (API),
which stated that US oil reserves declined by 3.6 million barrels last week.


Reuters analysts predicted retreating of 2.9 million barrels.

Now, markets are awaiting official inventory information to be released by the US Department of Energy today.


This is the third consecutive week in which US oil inventories have been reducing.


Coronary virus pandemic

However, the persistence of the coronary virus pandemic casts a shadow on oil demand
expectations in some countries around the world, as closure restrictions and stricter constraints on the work of economies.


Investors are also concerned about information relating to the Covid-19 vaccine of Johnson & Johnson.


The company stated that it decided to delay their own virus vaccine for the rest of the world,
it cited recommendations of US pharmaceutical authorities to suspend vaccination.


Japanese stock Exchange is retreating

Most Asian stocks rose today, led by Hong Kong, as tech giants flourished against declining US bond yields,
while the Japanese stock exchange decreased.


Shares of Meituan, Tencent, and Xiaomi added the largest profits to the MSCI Asia Pacific index.

By contrast, Taiwanese stocks declined after China opposed official relations between the United States and Taiwan.

Japan has also failed due to concerns about Coronavirus, slow vaccination,
and reports that 4 provinces are seeking stricter measures.

There was no circulation in India and Thailand today.

The main index of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Nikkei, fell by 0.44% today after investors were frustrated after Johnson & Johnson’s Covid vaccine was discontinued in the United States after some people were discovered to have clots.

Tokyo Stock Exchange

Tokyo Stock Exchange opened low after reports that Johnson & Johnson had stopped using vaccines after discovering several serious and rare clots in vaccinated people, which prompted investors to sell for profits.


Nikkei index, with 225 market shares, declined by 130.62 points to record 29620.99 points.


Topix index, which includes the largest companies with the highest capitalization,
lost 0.33% or 6.37 points, standing at 1952.18 points.


South Korea’s unemployment rate reduced by 0.1 points in March to an expected 3.9%.

Modified machine orders in Japan fell by 7.1% on an annual basis in February.


Forecast for a positive start for German and French Exchanges

For the German stock market, and according to pre-market indicators,
there appear to be slight gains in the morning.

After that, the DAX index should start trading at about 15.270 points.

Last week’s record was 15.312 points.


DAX index should also benefit from good business numbers from 2 groups included in it.


After a good start, software giant SAP became more optimistic about this year.

Cloud services and software revenues are expected to record 23.4 billion euros,
after adjusting currency effects in 2021, according to the company’s information on Tuesday evening.


In the past, SAP expected earnings of 23.3 to 23.8 billion euros.

Operating result must be between 7.8 and 8.2 billion euros during the first quarter.

Cloud and software revenues increased by 6%,
compared to the same period during last year, to reach 5.43 billion euros.


Operating results increased by 24% to record 1.74 billion euros.

Analyst’s expectations were less.


In France, CAC will open above 6200 points,
this is referred to through pre-opening data
after 30 minutes after the start of the session.

Therefore, the Paris index should sharply begin,
as investors have been reassured since yesterday
through special data of rising prices in the United States.


The US consumer price index for March showed an increase of 0.6%,
compared to the previous month, for a forecast of rising by only 0.5%.

Investors feel that this does not justify a change in Federal Reserve policy.

US Treasury bonds for 10 years declined by 1.622%.


Varying performance for American indicators

Wall Street was divided on Tuesday after US inflation figures.

While Johnson & Johnson vaccine against Coronavirus will be temporarily suspended in the United States due to some unwanted side effects, the Dow Jones Industrial index lost 0.20% to record 33.677 points.


Standard and Poor’s 500 indexes rose by 0.33% to record 4141 points.

Nasdaq index rebounded by 1.05% to reach 13.996 points.