Oil Prices Surge as Saudi and Russian Commit to Supply Reductions


Oil Prices Surge as Saudi and Russian Commit to Supply Reductions

Oil prices have seen a significant surge in the global market following the confirmation
of Saudi Arabia and Russia to adhere to a reduction in oil supplies by more than one million barrels
per day until the end of the year.
This important announcement came from two heavyweight nations within the “OPEC+” agreement.


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In this context, the price of Brent crude, which serves as the global benchmark for oil prices,
rose to over $85 per barrel, while West Texas Intermediate (WTI) approached the $81 per barrel mark.
This increase comes after a period of declining oil prices in recent weeks due to various factors, including escalating tensions in the Middle East following the attacks launched by Hamas on Israel in October.


However, these gains seem to have significantly dissipated due to regional and global developments.
Regionally and globally, concerns are growing regarding the region’s tensions and their impact on oil supplies,
as the Middle East is considered a vital source of oil worldwide.


Additionally, fears have grown regarding the global demand for oil,
with the sudden contraction in the Chinese manufacturing sector last month affecting global economic recovery expectations.
Moreover, increasing oil inventories in the United States have added extra pressure on oil prices.


Even other factors such as the decline in the value of the U.S. dollar have not been sufficient to halt the downward trend in oil prices. This reflects the fact that the global economy is currently facing significant challenges.


In this context

Vandana Hari, founder of “Vanda Insights,” stated that the current situation can be seen as a slow and volatile oil price revaluation process.
She emphasized that the situation primarily depends on the supply side,
as “OPEC+” seems to be committed to production targets until the end of the year.


At the same time, the Middle East has continued to witness escalating tensions and conflicts,
with Israel escalating its attacks on Gaza while the United States seeks to expand its diplomatic efforts to contain the conflict.
U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken made an unplanned visit to Baghdad with the aim of preventing the conflict from spreading and also met with the Palestinian President in the West Bank.


Regarding the oil market, Saudi Aramco has decided to maintain official selling prices for December without changes for Asian customers, while increasing prices for some varieties. All prices for North America remain unchanged, while prices for European markets were lowered due to weakening demand in the region.


Overall, it appears that oil prices are influenced by a multitude of complex factors, including regional and global events, global economic demand, and political and diplomatic tensions. The future of oil prices remains uncertain, making it essential to closely monitor developments in this market.



Oil Prices Surge as Saudi and Russian Commit to Supply Reductions