Dow Jones is setting a record.. Nikkei’s index is strong after 3 days of holiday


Dow Jones is setting a record.. Nikkei’s index is strong after 3 days of holiday

Dow Jones is setting a record.. Nikkei’s index is strong after 3 days of holiday: Oil is trying to restore its highest levels of $ 70.

These levels are very close, amid signs of recovering oil demand from major economies, especially in the United States and Europe.

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Brent is close to $ 70.. West Texas Intermediate is above $ 65

Oil prices slightly rose in early dealings today, after US inventories sharply declined.


In the morning, the price of the Brent North Sea barrel (159 liters) reached $ 69.10.

This was 14 cents higher than the price of Wednesday.

The price of a barrel of US West Texas Intermediate crude rose 7 cents to record $ 65.70.


Yesterday, Brent crude rose to just under $ 70, but it fell again in the evening.

Now, oil prices are at their highest levels since mid-March.


Economic recovery in large consuming countries such as the United States and China will give a strong push.

The US latest stock data confirms this view.

Crude oil inventories significantly decreased during last week.

This may be an indicator of increased demand.

On Wednesday

On Wednesday, a report released by the US Department of Energy showed that US oil reserves decreased by 7.99 million barrels last week.

This is 3 times higher than what experts expected.

This sharp decline in inventories may indicate a recovery in demand.


Accelerating vaccination in Europe has also a positive effect on black gold prices.

In contrast, the epidemic situation has worsened in other large consuming countries, particularly India.

However, OPEC + wants large producing countries to continue to gradually increase production.


Mixed dealings in Asia

Asian exchanges positively closed as investors are watching the epidemiological situation and quarterly results.

Japan sharply rose after a long holiday of the golden weekend, and following the Dow Jones index record in the United States,
while China appeared weak due to Beijing’s suspension of trade talks with Australia.


Tokyo closed the session at a rise of 1.80% on the foreign exchange market.

Trading continues to rise in Hong Kong by (+0.4%), Mumbai (+0.2%), and Seoul (+1%),
while the Shanghai index fell by (-0.1%) and Shenzhen fell out of (-0.8%).


At the macroeconomic level, the Economic Bulletin of the European Central Bank and the meeting of the Bank of England are expected.

In addition to advertising the UK SME Services Index and Euro area retail sales.

As for the United States of America, weekly applications for unemployment benefits and labor cost and productivity indicators are expected to be announced.

The Japanese stock exchange

The Japanese stock exchange opens at a rise after a lasting holiday of 3 days

Today, the Tokyo Stock Exchange opened for trading after celebrating three consecutive public holidays in Japan,
despite a looming extension of the country’s partial emergency to face the epidemic of Coronavirus.


The Nikkei index increased by 1.8% to reach 29331.37 points and the broader Topix index rose by 1.54% to record 1927.40 points.


Japanese stocks were weak at the end of April, before the series of holidays, but after the return of dealings today,
the shares began to show strength, despite expectations of an extended state of emergency in the county because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

the daily Japanese Yomiuri

According to the daily Japanese Yomiuri, the Japanese government is preparing to extend the applied state of emergency until the end of April in four provinces (Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, and Hyogo) that were decided to end next Tuesday.


This decision, which specifically provides for the temporary closure of bars and restaurants that offer alcohol as well as some large shopping malls in an effort to reduce the spread of the Covid-19 epidemic, places a particular burden on domestic consumption.

Nintendo’s stock

Nintendo’s stock fell by 1.72% to record 61610 Yen.

However, the group is expected to announce record annual results today,
inflated by strong global demand for video games and consoles for more than a year because of the new home-based lifestyles that have resulted from the epidemic.


Nissan’s stock rose by 2.92% to reach 563.7 yen.

Investors estimated the sale, announced on Wednesday by the automaker, of its stake in German Daimler for €1.15 billion.


Such financial strengthening is welcomed for Nissan,
which is expected to announce its results in red for the last fiscal year 2020/21 next week,
whose current recovery is being complicated by the global semiconductor shortage.


Negative expectations for German DAX

Amid the flow of corporate balance sheets, the DAX index will start to slightly fall today,
according to banks and brokerage accounts.

On Wednesday, it rose by 2.1% to record 15,170.78 points.

In addition to car manufacturer Volkswagen and the supplier Continental, the world’s largest fermentation company,

Anheuser-Busch and the ArcelorMittal Steel Group, are providing results today.


Orders from the German industry and European retail sales are also on the agenda of today’s reports.


Dow Jones is setting a new record

Wednesday’s session in the New York Stock Exchange ended with a slight increase in key indicators.

The Dow Jones set a historic record.

Investors’ attention is drawn to the latest economic data and optimistic corporate financial reports for the first quarter.


The Dow Jones Industrial index closed up 0.29% to record 34230.34 and the Standard and Poor’s 500 indexes rose by 0.07% to reach 4167.59 points at the end of the day.

The Nasdaq Composite index lost 0.37% and closed at 13.582.42 points at the end of the session.