Arabian Drilling is Sealing the deal with Saudi Aramco


Arabian Drilling is Sealing the deal with Saudi Aramco,
Today, Arabian Drilling is proud to announce that it will be supplying an offshore jack-up unit equipped
with a full crew to perform offshore drilling services across Saudi Arabia.




Unlocking Greater Efficiency and Environmental Protection
Impressive Growth of Arabian Drilling Company
Positioning Saudi Aramco for Long-term success







Unlocking Greater Efficiency and Environmental Protection


This marks a major milestone for the company as they continue
its mission of providing reliable and efficient drilling solutions in the region.

The new jack-up unit will provide greater flexibility and efficiency
when performing operations on both shallow water wells and deeper water wells.


It features state-of-the-art technology such as advanced positioning systems,
real-time data acquisition systems, automated pipe handling equipment,
high-capacity mud pumps, and more – all designed to help ensure safety
while also improving operational performance levels.


In addition to its technical capabilities, this new jack-up unit has been designed with environmental protection in mind;
its hull design minimizes fuel consumption while still providing excellent stability
during operation at sea or in port conditions so that operators can work safely
without risking damage from environmental factors like strong currents or waves.

The entire team at Arabian Drilling is excited about this development
which further reinforces our commitment to becoming one of the leading providers
of quality oilfield services throughout Saudi Arabia’s energy sector landscape for years to come!






Impressive Growth of Arabian Drilling Company


The Arabian Drilling Company and Aramco have seen impressive growth in the first nine months of 2022.

Arabian Drilling posted a 171.09% year-on-year leap in net profit after Zakat and tax to SAR 421 million, compared to SAR 155.30 million for the same period last year – an incredible increase that highlights their success as a business over this time frame.


This result is especially impressive considering the challenging economic climate due to Covid-19, which has impacted many sectors worldwide including oil & gas production companies like Arabian Drilling.

Aramco also achieved great results with a net profit after Zakat and tax worth SAR 488.78 billion during 9M22, higher by 67.97% than what was recorded during the same period one year earlier at SAR 291 billion – another testament to their strength as an industry leader despite difficult circumstances globally throughout 2020/2021.


These positive figures demonstrate that both businesses are well placed for continued growth into 2022/23 – something investors will undoubtedly be pleased about! It’s clear that energy demand remains strong across Saudi Arabia despite pandemic restrictions still being in place; something these two companies are capitalizing on with great success so far this financial year.






Positioning Saudi Aramco for Long-term success


The world is rapidly transitioning away from traditional energy sources, and Saudi Aramco is positioning itself as the last oil major.

As part of its commitment to sustainability, the company recently announced a $110 billion investment in renewable energy over the next decade as well as plans for carbon capture and storage technology.


This move demonstrates that Saudi Aramco understands that it must adapt
or risk becoming irrelevant in an increasingly green-focused economy.

The company’s embrace of renewable energies shows a willingness to recognize changing trends while still maintaining its core business model – producing oil and gas – by investing heavily in research into clean technologies such as hydrogen fuel cells, solar power plants, electric vehicle batteries, and more.


Furthermore, this shift towards renewables will not only help reduce emissions but also create new jobs within the industry; according to estimates from McKinsey & Company, there are currently 12 million people employed worldwide directly or indirectly related to fossil fuels production but only 1 million working on renewables so far – meaning 11 million potential positions could open due to this transition alone!


This strategic move by Saudi Aramco indicates their confidence in being able to weather any storms ahead for big oil companies’ thanks largely due to their diversification efforts across both traditional fossil fuels production plus newer areas such as alternative energies — making them well positioned o remain competitive long term even after other majors have fallen away.