Will the You.com search engine affect Google stock

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Will the You.com search engine affect Google stock

Will the You.com search engine affect the Google stock: Google dominates the search market, and this mainly helped the Google stock price rise significantly,
But could it be affected by competition with the You.com search engine?

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About You.com
Will it affect google stock


About You.com

You.com search engine started operating in 2020, raising the banner of the right of everyone to obtain information away from the dominance of the Google search engine.
In turn, the company recently announced the launch of its public beta along with $20 million in funding.
You.com primarily makes use of Natural Language Processing (NLP), a form of artificial intelligence.
This is in order to understand search queries, order results, and analyze queries semantically into different languages, including programming languages.
This means that the search engine work platform summarizes results from all over the Internet ,
and can be expanded with built-in search applications so that users can complete tasks without leaving the results page.

Will it affect google stock 

A Lot of search engines appeared in the past few years, which would affect the price of Google’s stock, including You.com and Neeva.
Google has been dominating the market for so long, and it`s share of the global search market has remained stable at more than 90% for most of the past decade,
followed by Bing at 2.9% and Yahoo at 1.5%.
To be able to fight Google the competitor will need either a real innovation that goes beyond simply imitating what Google does,
or a company that, like Apple, has a great deal of control over what consumers actually do.
Until then, alternative engines are doing their best — trying to make an impact.



There are a lot of small search engines that appear every once and while, but at the end they
cannot bypass or even approach Google.
Will You.com be able to do it? And if he does, will it gain popularity like Google, and will it affect Google stock price?
Unfortunately we will get all the all the answers in the future