General Motors shares are expected to rise in 2022

General Motors GM

General Motors shares are expected to rise in 2022

General Motors shares are expected to rise in 2022: GM shares fell more than 3%  amid mixed industry news.
However, market analysts are optimistic that prices will continue to rise until 2022, boosting profit margins.



The new Corona mutant

Is GM stock growing?

General Motors stock trading


The new Corona mutant

But with the news of the Covid virus reaching the market, auto stocks fell along with the rest of the negatively affected markets.

The automaker missed its third-quarter revenue forecast while beating last month’s earnings.

The stock is still up more than 48% this year despite falling 7% in recent trading sessions.



Is GM stock growing

From an investment standpoint, GM shares are trading at impressive 12-month lagging ratios and forward P/E ratios of 8.31 and 9.17, respectively.

Therefore, the stock can be a compelling choice for value investors.

On the other hand, analysts expect its earnings per share to grow at an average annual rate of about 14.70% over the next five years,
compared to an average annual decline of 6% in the previous five years, making it an option for growth investors.


General Motors stock trading

Technically, it appears that GM shares are trading within an ascending channel formation on the intraday chart. However,
the stock recently retreated to find trendline support, which created an opportunity for a rebound.

Therefore, investors can target a potential recovery profit of around $63.90, while $56.46 and $52.56 are support levels.

In short, even though GM shares are up nearly 50% this year, the GM stock appears to have more room to run after the recent downturn.