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Our unprecedented approach in the CFD online trading industry positions us as a game changer. Evest has a business model that is based on having a long-term mutual interest relationship with the clients


Ali Hasan is CEO of Evest, a position he has held since inception in September 2020. Ali oversees the strategic positioning of Evest Group in the financial market. Evest is a premier, online trading company that shines as an unconventional company in the CFD trading industry.

For more than 15 years, customers and colleagues have entrusted Ali to facilitate and build end-to-end strategies and to oversee the execution on every level. Ali Hasan comes today with a new channel of communication that has never been implemented before in the trading industry, where customers can talk directly to him as easy as a click of a button.

This will ensure that Ali will personally follow up on any comments, suggestions and complaints. This channel will also put all employees on alert as they know that there is a direct line open 24/7 with the CEO.

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Our CEO is committed to innovation, excellence, and putting clients first